A fixed bridge is a permanent restoration, which should last for about 20 years. A bridge can be used to replace a missing tooth, which will help maintain the shape of your face and position of your teeth. A bridge can artificially replace a missing tooth by attaching to two adjacent teeth. The bridge looks completely natural and restores any missing space in the area.

Dentures are naturally looking teeth replacements that are removable. Full dentures use suction to maintain stability where as partials are attached to your natural teeth. A flexite or metal denture can be used.
If you are missing a tooth it is crucial to replace it. Over time chewing and other habits can destabilize your bite can cause shifting and discomfort when the tooth is missing. During the implant procedure a titanium body is surgically inserted into the missing space and replaces your tooth.
When a tooth no longer restorable and an infection puts adjacent teeth in risk, the tooth may have to be removed. In order for the extraction to be successful your dentist must expand the socket and separate the tooth from the ligament holding it in place. Once a tooth is extracted it is imperative to replace it. A temporary or permanent restoration is available.